Posts from June 2022

Posts from June 2022

Come to the Table

Greetings friends! Sunday our lectionary readings focused on seeking and pursuing—both God seeking us and our seeking of God. We learned that he seeks and invites us into a relationship with him “just as we are” in all of our goodness, weirdness, and not despite of, but because of, our weaknesses. He invites us to be his children, and to be a part of his very own kingdom. For some of us, that offer is hard to imagine. We focus…

IFM Soup Can Drive

For the next two weeks, Holy Trinity will be collecting cans of donated soup and fruit for Interfaith Food Ministry. Please help support this valuable ministry to our community by donating the next two Sundays.

Calling All Green Thumbs!

With summer just around the corner the grounds of our lovely church are going to need more attention. Trinity prides itself in having well tended grounds that show how much we love our church.Your Buildings and Grounds Committee is looking to establish an “Adopt a Gardening Area” so we can spread the love of gardening amongst many. This will help make the activities of planting, weeding and general upkeep easy for everyone. Some areas of the church are well established and…

Israel 2024 Trip

Who wants to go to Israel in 2024? Sign-Ups Starting NowAs has been the tradition at Holy Trinity, we will be traveling to the Holy Land with Emmanuel Church. Past participants have called it a life-changing experience.Our trip will be scheduled for the last part of Januaryand possibly into February 2024.If you are interested in going with us, please email the church office by clicking the link below.  Email the Office

What We’re Due

What is really ours in this life?What do we really earn for ourselves?And can we really take credit for much of anything? We,together,are largely where we are because of others that have come before us. Yes.Our efforts help and put is in the right places,but without the help of others, we would not be where we are. The image from Scripture is, Since we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses,let us run the race before us with perseverance.”…