Posts from April 2023

Posts from April 2023

Holy Trinity Sesquicentennial

If you were at the Parish Retreat, we talked about forming a committee to promote this anniversary and share our history with each other and our community. We would like someone to head up this committee and have as many volunteers participate as possible.  We have put together a plan that captures some of the ideas we have heard and some timeframes to get things done. This has the potential to be a really significant and fun project for us. If…

Sabbatical Stories

Joy This was the placard outside of the room I stayed in on retreat at the Abbey of New Clairvaux at the beginning of my sabbatical. I remember arriving at the Abbey in Vina under very dark, rainy skies. Just 13 days earlier I had been awakened by a rather large incense cedar tree crashing through the Rectory roof at the far side of the house. That night, we picked up what we could and headed to a local hotel;…

Looking Forward

  Hello Friends,It has been three long months since my last communication with you all. There are so many things that I want to share with you and will be doing in the upcoming weeks. What I want to say is that I missed you.I missed the community and fellowship. So I look forward to seeing you. To walking this holiest of weeks with you.The beauty of the journey through the Passion of Christ.Blessings,brad+