Posts from November 2023

Posts from November 2023

King of Kings and Lord of Lords

This past Sunday, we celebrated the end of the liturgical year. Christ the King Sunday. It seems fitting that the end of the year be about the Lordship of Christ. It starts with the prophecy of His coming. Advent Then to His birth. Christmas His being revealed to the world. Epiphany His obedient journey to the cross to be The Sacrifice. Lent His death, resurrection, and ascension. Easter His promised gift of the Advocate; the Holy Spirit. Pentecost But it ends with Christ as the King


If you didn’t notice the floral arrangement behind the altar this past Sunday, you missed a thing of beauty. Unlike most Sundays when there are flowers placed to decorate the chancel space, this Sunday we had a cornucopia. It was something that the altar guild had talked about in years past. And put into practice this year (thank you Cheryl Tadman). The cornucopia is a symbol of abundance. It is a reminder of the blessings of life.


I have shared with you all before that Pepsi and I love sitting outside in the evening to look at the stars, satellites, the Star link launches, meteors and whatever else is in the sky (like the international flights to Europe).  As many of you know, we have been out of the rectory since December 27th of last year due to a tree coming through the roof.

Knit Together

So much about this past weekend was about community. The community that gathers here. The community that we find ourselves in. The community we desire to build.