Posts from February 2024

Posts from February 2024

Better Off Dead

Walking in faith is difficult. It requires, well, faith. Trust. Not in ourselves. Or the process. Or in others. But in God. Who could be working through others. Or us. Or the process. And, like I shared on Sunday, Walking in faith guarantees we will make mistakes. It happens. When God’s people step out in faith, Occasionally mistakes happen. Because we don’t understand, Or are confused. Or are arrogant in thinking we know, Or ignorant in not knowing that we…


I had the joy of being with my good friend and colleague, the Reverend Matt Warren, for his installation at St. Stephen’s Orinda. Matt has a history at St. Stephen’s.

Born Again

On Sunday, I talked of the importance of knowing those with whom we share community. Paul shared two things that are key to doing this.