Parish Goals

Parish Goals

The overall goal of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Nevada City, is to know God and make Him known. Every year, the Vestry of Holy Trinity (its governing board) sets goals for the church as we strive to continue knowing God and making Him known.

2020 Vestry Goals

Continue to work on adjusting our campus to better serve those who call Holy Trinity home as well as those who God has called us to reach. To accomplish this, we will look to:

  • Complete ADA access into the building
  • Switch out pews for better ADA seating
  • Complete a plan for new fellowship space

Launch this new website by September 2020 with specific goals of:

  • Incorporating online giving opportunities
  • Providing a clean easy-to-use and functional site with timely dynamic content
  • Coordinating with existing social media accounts

Set training dates for the Fall to educate and encourage members to serve as:

  • LEV (Lay Eucharistic Visitor)
  • LEM (Lay Eucharistic Minister)
  • Acolyte
  • Greeter

Spend four weeks communicating and teaching about Mary Foster Parmer’s Invite, Welcome, Connect. At the conclusion of this introduction to Invite, Welcome, Connect, we will:

  • Poll the parish for their assessment of where we think Holy Trinity stands regarding Invite, Welcome, Connect principles.
  • Spend at least one week focusing on the barriers to implement Invite, Welcome, Connect with regards to relationships.