Parish Goals

Parish Goals

The overall goal of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Nevada City, is to know God and make Him known. Every year, the Vestry of Holy Trinity (its governing board) sets goals for the church as we strive to continue knowing God and making Him known.

2023 Goals will be set after the Parish Retreat and Fr. Brad’s return from sabbatical.

2022 Vestry Goals

Goal: Evaluate How we Intentionally Welcome Guests 

Ideas included having a Greeter script, more communication on The Point, the newsletter, name tags, welcome bags, information in the bulletin, pie program. 

Make this a programmatic approach AND an attitude/culture. 

Measure: Have an initial welcome process defined and parishioners assigned to the specific tasks by start of Holy Week. Incorporate feedback and adjust process as appropriate prior to Advent. 

Goal: Create New Approach for Pledge Season 

Communicate the difference between the intention to give and the actual pledge, and the importance of pledging. 

Be transparent about what the budget gets spent on. 

Measure: Document a series of communications to go to the parish: quarterly budget updates, summary statement for 2022 prior to 2023 Pledge Intention process, and streamline/adapt the online and paper estimate process before September 1, 2022 

Goal: Implement a Vestry Liasion Structure 

Define a set of Parish functional areas, and have each Vestry Member attach themselves to one. These become the specific role of the Vestry Member, who will liaison with the appropriate parishioners/Committee Chairs in their area and report back to the Vestry on both activities and needs. 

Measure: Areas identified and defined, Vestry members identified, parish notified, three months of reporting out to Vestry completed. 

Goal: Define a Process for How to Manage Salaries 

Document the Trinity-specific approach for defining goals and a review process for our Rector, as well as other paid employees, based on Dioscean policy and our bylaws. 

Measure: Work with Fr. Brad to establish a set of goals for him to complete in 2022 by April 1, 2022. Have a formal review of those goals prior to the 2023 budgeting process to ensure any needed adjustments can be made. Establish salary ranges for other employees. 

Goal: Develop a Sabbatical Plan 

Lead a Vestry-wide process to identify all areas of Parish functions we need to address while Fr. Brad is away (assuming January through March, 2023.). Hold regular meetings, separate from regular Vestry agenda. (or incorporate a standing 15-20 min. slot during monthly meetings.) 

Measure: Identify gaps/needs by June 1, 2022. Address those gaps by November 1, 2022. 

Goal: Provide a Funeral/Memorial Planning Structure 

Provide workshops, planning packets and other resources to help families with funerals and memorials. 

Measure: Define the scope of this project by June 30, 2022. List out activities to create/identify the resources by August 1, 2022. Determine how it gets “packaged” and communicated by November 1, 2022.