Trinity Church’s music slate is full and varied, including traditional hymns from The Hymnal 1982, gospel hymns from Lift Every Voice and Sing, Gregorian chant, and occasionally more contemporary hymns. The music augments the spiritual experience for the worshipers, bringing the beauty of music into many of the services.

Festival Choir

The Holy Trinity Festival Choir typically sings from September through June, and features a “pickup” choir during July and August, with occasional special music throughout the year. During our recent move to Virtual Services, our Choir has been able to record some wonderful music for us, using technology to blend the voices into some amazing songs. Gregorian Chant, Renaissance motets, Spirituals, Gospel, and music from all eras and styles show up on Sunday mornings throughout the year. During the Christmas…


Our goal of the Compline Choir is to provide a brief, soothing respite, as an antidote to the chaotic pace of the world; to chant and sing praises and thanks to God for the successful completion of the day in the ancient, mystical way and provide spiritual peace for the rest of the night, and hope for the new day. Our hope is also to develop for our readers and listeners, not just an experience, but a relationship with Compline;…

Pipe Organ

The Holy Trinity pipe organ was purchased by Trinity Episcopal Church in 1964 for the sum of $10,000. The organ was built in 1960 for the personal use of Swain and Kates, Inc., by a West German firm, Laukoff, with over two hundred years experience in the manufacture of pipe organs. About the Organ The organ contains 854 pipes divided among 18 ranks on two keyboards and pedal. The pipes are made of tin, lead, zinc and wood, and represent…

Virtual Choir Loft

Trinity is blessed to have many talented and dedicated members that provide us with beautiful and inspiring music all year. Grab your headphones and listen to our current recordings from our Festival Choir and Compline groups: Festival Choir Compline Choir current recordings I Have Longed For My Saving Health March 2021 Compline O Bone Jesu August 2021 Compline O Lord, My God to Thee September 2021 Compline Come Let Us Sing for Joy October 2021 Compline November 2021 Compline