Pipe Organ

Pipe Organ

The Holy Trinity pipe organ was purchased by Trinity Episcopal Church in 1964 for the sum of $10,000.

The organ was built in 1960 for the personal use of Swain and Kates, Inc., by a West German firm, Laukoff, with over two hundred years experience in the manufacture of pipe organs.

About the Organ

The organ contains 854 pipes divided among 18 ranks on two keyboards and pedal. The pipes are made of tin, lead, zinc and wood, and represent all the major families of organ tone. Principles, flutes, strings, reeds and mixtures are all present with one or more members. It also has a Zimbelstern (bells) and a tremolo stop.

Part of the display pipes in the front of the case are of polished tin; the others, of a specially finished Brazilian pine.

The action of the organ is a modern version of mechanical action trackers. The working portions of the organ are made of Teflon plastic and steel.

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