What People Love About Holy Trinity

What People Love About Holy Trinity

Tell everyone what you love about Holy Trinity!


Trinity has been my home church now for 8 years. It is everything I could ever want in a place of worship: Reverent, Historical, inclusive, warm, loving and full of opportunities to serve, share and grow. Come and be welcomed!


Trinity is a beautiful church with a wonderful and warm congregation of interesting and diverse folks. This tiny church has world class music and relevant and dynamic teaching that is rare. All people are welcome here. I look forward to meeting you!


We are blessed here in Nevada City to have Holy Trinity as our home for fellowship and Fr. Brad Helmuth as our Rector. Brad’s delivery of the liturgy, and especially his sermons, are simply the best. Not a note card in sight–he delivers his sermons straight from the heart and are always spot on.


 For peace of mind and hope for the future Trinity Episcopal Church fills that need.


I can’t wait to freely meet again with the loving and caring people of Holy Trinity Church. Such peace. Such joy. Such patience.


When my parents retired to Nevada City in 2013, I started attending Trinity with them when I would visit from the Bay Area, and it became my home church away from home. Episcopal churches are often small, warm, full of music, and welcoming, but even by that standard I found Trinity special. I’m not an active member of the community, but the community and its space have made a big impression on me in my occasional visits. Its Victorian building,…


From the first time we attended services at Trinity, I felt at home. From our first introduction to Father Christopher to the amazing leadership of Father Brad today…. I feel literally like God planned our family’s connection to this parish. It is historic, and yet it is current, it is friends, but without expectations. You can come here *as you are* and be welcomed.


The moment we walked through the front door in 1996, we felt like we were home.  Everyone is so welcoming and genuinely friendly!  We love the traditional service, but especially enjoy Fr. Brad’s compelling sermons.  The music is often transcending, sometimes moving me to tears.  We are blessed to call Trinity home!


I started taking organ lessons in 1969 at the age of twelve. My teacher, Ruth Rockwood brought a group of students over to Trinity to see what was then the only pipe organ in our community. I instantly fell in love with this organ an started my life long journey as a church organist. Fast forward to 1997 when we moved back to Grass Valley when my husband Gary retired from the Air Force in 1997. I fervently wished that…


Trinity has a priest who clearly walks with Jesus and freely shares his experience with others. (BTW, I think Spiritual Health is more contagious than Covid-19 )