Buildings & Grounds

Buildings & Grounds

Current High-Priority Projects

Major Roof Repair

Upon starting our “remodel” of the Sunday School/Nursery room this summer we discovered some water damage. Upon further inspection, it was determined that there is some significant dry rot damage to various areas of the roof. In addition to replacing/repairing dry rotted wood, installing new air vents, and replacing skylights, we also need to install new roofing “liner” on top of the roof.

We have signed a contract with Gold Country Roofing to do most of this work. We estimate the cost to do all of the repair work to be between 40k and 50k. We really won’t know exactly how much until the old roof is removed.

As with many things nowadays, getting material and contractor time is not easy. The liner membrane that goes on top of the roof takes 90+ days to ship (ordered 11/1/22). And of course with winter approaching we realistically will not be able to complete this project until early Spring of 2023.


As you are probably aware, we’ve been replacing siding along the lower part of the church due to dry-rot. The north side (patio side) is complete. We’ve started on the front of the church and discovered some dry-rot not only on the siding but also on some of the structural wood. We’ve decided to not open up any more of this until spring of next year. At that point we’ll continue around the front and south side (lawn) and rear of the church.


As a result of some of the siding dry-rot work, we’re doing some landscaping to help with water control. We’ve removed a significant amount of dirt along the patio to try and slope the drainage away from the foundation of the church. We’ll be adding both drain rock and decorative rock to this area during the month of November (weather permitting).

Sanctuary Lighting 

You may have noticed a missing light fixture in the sanctuary near the video streaming pews. All of the hanging lamps are in need of some soldering work so we decided to embark on a project to not only re-solder them, but to also modernize them with more efficient LED light technology. We are determining what it will take to do this with the fixture we recently removed. It’s going to be a challenge to get scaffolding up and do all of this work without disrupting Sunday services too much, but we’ll do our best–stay tuned.

These are just a few of the current projects the B&G committee is working on. If you’re interested in seeing what else is on our tracker, please contact the Jr. Warden, Barry Shurtz (bshurtz ‘at’