Gathering Guidelines

Gathering Guidelines

Guidelines for In-Person Services

We are happy to be easing the COVID restrictions in the worship services that have been commonplace in the last year. What does that look like?

Those who are vaccinated are free to go without a mask. This follows the guidelines from the CDC about the efficacy of vaccinations. Those who are not vaccinated are encouraged to wear a mask, but we will not be requiring a “vaccination passport” to come to the worship services.     

We will exchange the Peace.    

During the Eucharist, we will provide a chalice for drinking and one for intinction. On Sunday morning, Fr. Brad will make the process clear of how we will go about this.    

The choir will continue to provide musical offerings, and we will enjoy our Compline Choirs. We will be able to sing. 

One More Thing…
“Love thy Neighbor” 

Let’s think about the Romans passage about all being in the same boat, spiritually speaking. We realize that there will be those (both Holy Trinity members and our guests) who will feel more comfortable wearing a mask during the service, not sharing the Peace and having more space. 

We will respect this and those who choose to be more cautious at this time. If there are any questions or concerns about these changes, please feel free to email me: