The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

Day of Pentecost

Guest sermon by the Very Rev. Canon Mary E. Hauck

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The Very Rev. Canon Mary E. Hauck’s Creed

How can we be empowered by the Holy Spirit to do likewise? How can we actualize our Pentecost?  One way to start might be to appropriate the church’s secondhand statements of faith and make them firsthand proclamations.

Here’s a personal Creed I have long used in my own devotions.  I do not remember the source… just that it resonated with my soul:

I believe in God  

I give my heart to the one true God,
infinite in wisdom, power, and love,
whose mercy is over all His works,
and whose creative will is ever directed toward the good.

I believe in Jesus Christ

I give my heart in utter trust to the one who came from God: who was, and is, and ever will be a part of God.
One and the same with God.
A glimpse of heaven. 
A shining goodness.  
A human life lived in perfection. 
A divine bridge offered in love.
An inviting Word.
He now sits with God in heaven.
He will return someday . . . I live to be ready.

I believe in the Holy Spirit.

I give my heart in joy to the Spirit of Jesus present this day and each day moving and shaking my world. 
Active in people, wild in possibility, reforming, restoring, and renewing God’s dreams for creation.
I give my heart to the covenant bound to me at baptism, thanking God daily for not leaving me to my own devices, and not leaving me in the lurch.
And I’m hope-filled and curious about my life to come with God when this life has run its course.  

This is my Creed.  Amen.