Streaming Technology Update

Streaming Technology Update

Trinity is getting a refresh of our streaming services technology!

We have been using a “Zoom and iPhone” approach to providing services online during the pandemic, which served our congregation well during that time. Additionally, we have had success in attracting new members through these online virtual services. 

In June of ’21, we applied for a grant from the Diocesan Foundation, outlining our needs around establishing a permanent and more “user-friendly” solution to provide live streaming and recorded services online. Our grant application acknowledged that yes, we needed better hardware and software, but that our true goal was the ability to “strengthen our faith communities by  sharing the Good News with our neighbors.”  

Funding from this Grant of just over $9,000 was awarded to us in November, and will ensure we can continue this effort. Details can be found in the documents below:

The Wirecast stream is now available on the calendar event page. Let us know what you think!