The Forum

The Forum

All these sessions are led by The Rev. Dr. David Davidson-Methot

“Heroes of the Old Testament”

We will be meeting between services during the 5 Sundays in Lent (except on Palm Sunday and Easter) in between the two services (so, roughly 9.30-10.30) in the Bp Kip room, to look at “heroes” from the Old Testament tradition, and examining their lives, the struggles, challenges, and how they responded, how they grew in their understanding of what God was calling them to do, and to be. Hopefully this can help us see how God is acting in our own lives as well.  (This can be a parallel to Heather’s “Decades” group, where participants are looking at their own lives, and seeing how they have grown over time.)

So we will be looking at Jacob/Israel, Joseph, Moses, Saul and David. Our discussion will be based on the book, “The man who wrestled with God” by priest and Jungian analyst John Sanford (1971, Paulist). You don’t have to have the book, but should read the story of our “hero” in the Bible to be familiar with his life story.

So, Sunday the 18th, the Jacob “saga” begins in Genesis, chp. 25. Look for “reading assignments” for future Forum discussions in the weekly “Nugget”!

As in the past,  you can join us either in person, or remotely, via Zoom. To join via Zoom, use the link or log-in information here:

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Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday!

The Rev Dr Dave Davidson-Methot