Out of Ourselves, Into Christ

Out of Ourselves, Into Christ

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In my sermon on Sunday, I spoke of peace:  peace in the middle of suffering, doubt, anger, injustice and turmoil. 

We have all been in these places and will continue to be. 

C.S. Lewis says:  “Out of ourselves and into Christ we must go.”  We alone, cannot find peace in ourselves or anything that the world has to offer.  Just as when I quoted St. Patrick’s breastplate of prayer, It is Christ, and Christ alone that we need. 

If you are anything like me, when in a challenging time or circumstance, my first reaction is to “try to figure out a solution.”  What can I do to fix/help the outcome?  I am so blinded by where the answer lies, that I think I am perfectly capable of solving or rectifying things on my own. 

This can often turn into a long series of asking others for advice, becoming obsessed with “What if? And if I might brag for a moment: I can go from “small concern” to “catastrophic outcome” in a miraculously short length of time. 

     This is our condition.  The human condition, but we, as Christians, are spiritual beings living in an earthly body. 

     How do we satisfy this part of our being?  How do we endure the challenges of life? 

     How do we hope? 

     It is through God in Christ and with the help of the Holy Spirit, that we are able to see what we could not before; to rest when we were once anxious; to trust when we had no faith.

I am still in awe that we are given the gift of God’s presence and God is only inthe present…which means that God is everywhere…all the time!  No appointment or perfect time of day necessary.

Where we stand, in all our mistakes and imperfections is holy ground.  It is where God has chosen to be intimate with us and not in any way but this.  (1)

     Thank you for being such a loving and caring congregation.

     In gratitude,

     Karen E. Hoida

(1) Fr. Gregory Boyle. Tattoos on the Heart.


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