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I have shared with you all before

that Pepsi and I love sitting outside in the evening

to look at the stars, satellites, the Star link launches, meteors

and whatever else is in the sky (like the international flights to Europe). 

As many of you know,

we have been out of the rectory since December 27th of last year

due to a tree coming through the roof.

What has compounded this is the amount of rain that fell

as well as the snow fall at the end of February.

When we got to our temporary housing off of Misty Meadows,

the first thing we did was orient ourselves to the night sky.

We asked ourselves,

“If we were in the backyard at the rectory right now, where would we be looking?” We figured that out through some key stars and the lights of Nevada City.

Basically, we oriented to our “true north” to settle in.

And after ten and a half months at this very lovely spot,

we needed to move into another rental this week

(which is why the Nugget is late this week).

We are now off of rattlesnake in the backside of Alta Sierra.

And, as is our custom,

we oriented ourselves to the night sky so that we might settle in.

I find this to be very helpful in remaining grounded

when we have been moving around so much.

In spite of all of the change,

we manage to find our “true north” and get about our lives.

The Gospel reading has an orienting encouragement regarding our “True North.”

If you remember in the Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids,

five were wise and five were foolish.

The wise Bridesmaids made sure that they had plenty of oil for their lamps.

The foolish did not.

When the Bridegroom returned for them,

the five who were prepared went with their Groom.

The five who were unprepared were shut out of the banquet of the Groom.

Some things are obvious about the parable.

Jesus is the Bridegroom.

The Bridesmaid is the Church.

The oil?

That is a little bit unclear.

It could be a few things.

Is it good works?



Again, it is not clear,

although what is clear is that there are those who walk in faith,

seeking to become more Christ-like and deepen their faith.

They are finding their True North.

They are orienting themselves to the life of the redeemed.

They are making choices in their lives

that will help them to live out life as God has intended for us,

not being distracted by the many opportunities

that we all have access to or the things that can be a struggle for us.

So, we are to be like the wise Bridesmaids.

Looking to orient ourselves after the pattern of faith

Jesus lived some 2000 years ago and to the life that God’s Holy Spirit leads us to.

A life of loving community.

A life of remembering Who has loved us.

A life of looking to be the love of God in a world that is looking to be loved.

So, let us make sure that we,

in the midst of whatever may going on around us,

are orienting to the Life of Jesus,

and that we are,


moving forward in faith to seek and serve those around us that God calls us to.



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