Be the Unexpected

Be the Unexpected

I want to dig deeper into something I said on Sunday during the sermon.

If you recall, I spoke about the unexpected nature of the Gospel readings.

On the one hand, we hear of the Triumphal Entry.

On the other hand, we hear of the Crucifixion.

This is unexpected.

But, as I mentioned, it really isn’t for either Jesus or the Gospel.

First Jesus.

What about Jesus is expected?

What about His birth is expected?

He was born to a virgin through the Holy Spirit.

What about His disciples is expected?

Tradesman, not top tier Torah scholars lauded by the establishment.

What about His inclusion of the disenfranchised is expected?

Women, tax collectors, the sick and the lame, the unclean.

What about His posture towards the world is expected?

Routinely denies any form of notoriety or fame.

Warning people to not speak about Him.

Going away from areas of great ministry successes.

Second, the Gospel.

Something for nothing.

Unmerited favor.

Mercy unfounded.

Abundant forgiveness.


The least of these.

The fools of this world.

The unseen.

All seen.


For everyone.

Earned by no one.

Accessible to all.


And the crux of this unexpectedness is this:

We, too, are called to be unexpected.

I mentioned this on Sunday.

We are, by our call and nature as the Children of God, unexpected.

Through things like faith, community, kindness and love.

I think unexpected things are noticeable because they force people to take notice.

For me, this is found most prominently in a passage from Galatians 5:22-23.

“…the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”

A community that consistently manifests these “fruits” is a blessing to the world.

Love – A love that is selfless and giving.

A love that keeps no records.

A love that is not transactional.

Joy – A realization that God is working in our midst.

An understanding that there is a plan and God has made us a part of that plan.

A knowledge that through obedience, we can be used by the God of the universe.

Peace – An attitude of contentment in the midst chaos.

An ability to see God’s blessings when we find ourselves not in control.

An awareness of something bigger than ourselves.

Patience – An ability to suffer for the sake of others who are hurtful.

A desire to not take offense under an offense by another who is struggling.

A willingness to identify with the sufferings that Jesus endured from others.

Kindness – An attitude that seeks to be useful to the world around us.

An ability to see where we might be the hands and the feet of Jesus.

A generous action towards those who do not deserve it.

Generosity – A life that exudes goodness towards other.

A heart that understands the goodness God has shown and responds.

A belief that all deserve to be seen as created in the Image of God.

Faithfulness – A reputation of being trustworthy.

A desire to be reliable to others.

A discipline to do what you say you will do.

Gentleness – A knowledge of how to encourage others to move forward.

An ability to be a soft catalyst in the growth of another.

A quest to be known through meekness.

Self-Control – A discipline of self in areas that cause us to struggle.

An awareness of the struggles of others and an attitude that forgoes for their sake.

A quest to master the struggles of our mind, body and soul.

Which of these things do you find you struggle with?

What are you being called to address so that you might bear fruit?

How can you take on some of these to more closely follow Jesus?

As I said on Sunday,

We are called to be the unexpected in the midst of a world that is dying.

To be salt and light.

To be the hands and feet of Jesus.

The Bride of Christ.

God’s children.

Image bearers.


Let us commit to do this.


In response to the love God has shown us.

In Christ.




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