The Continually Unexpected

The Continually Unexpected

Usually, the After Thoughts are about Sunday’s sermon.

I feel like this week it is important to remember the entirety of Holy Week.

In case you missed it, Unexpected was the general theme.

Palm Sunday’s unexpected juxtaposition of the Triumphal Entry

and the Crucifixion.

Maundy Thursday’s unexpected hospitality from Jesus, the foot washer.

Good Friday’s unexpected betrayal by Peter and Judas of their friend, Jesus.

Holy Saturday’s unexpected new friends, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus.

The Vigil’s unexpected fear by the women at the tomb after hearing of Jesus’ resurrection.

And Easter morning’s unexpected return to God’s intention: the garden.

As I have stated several times, unexpected is normal when it comes to God.

Mainly because we don’t know the mind of God.

We can’t track with the plan, mostly.

What we do know is this:

God loves us.

The Gospel story reeks of God’s love towards us.

The patience of the salvation story from Abraham to Peter speaks of it.

It is clear that God loves us.

God has redeemed us.

The work of Jesus on the cross resets that which God intended.

It is a re-entry back to the relationship of the Garden.

Fellowship with the Divine.

Harmony within community.

God wants to work through us.

The story of the Disciples shows this.

They are a ragtag crew of misfits.

Who are empowered by God to do great things.

And this within their own talents and personalities.

Peter does ministry like Peter would.

John like John.

Thomas like Thomas.

God knows we will make mistakes.

Spoiler alert:

We will make mistakes.

Peter did.

The rest of the Disciples did.

I have.

I suspect that you have.

But God’s grace is bigger than that.

God’s mercy capable of making things right.

And, in case you were wondering, this theme carries on in to the Church age..

We should watch for it in these coming seasons.

Because in it is found the joy that can be ours too.

The stories that we read on the page can come alive in us too.

So, as the seasons roll on,

Let us look for the unexpected in the stories.

Let us look for the unexpected in our lives.

Let us look for the unexpected in the lives of those around us.

And let us be thankful to the God  Whohas redeemed us.




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