Group Spiritual Direction

Group Spiritual Direction

Meeting Monthly

What is Spiritual Direction?

First, let’s say what it is not. It is not one person directing another on their spiritual journey. It is not one person trying to impose his or her own way onto another traveler. Ideally, spiritual direction is a balanced and healthy relationship in which one person agrees to help the other notice and respond to the direction of spiritual movement in his or her own life. It’s like riding “shotgun” for a friend —helping them to see and respond to hazards without missing the intended turn.

We would like to begin to offer this service to you on a monthly basis and in a small group setting of 6-8 people. If there is enough interest, we will start a second group meeting at a different day and time, so please let us know your interest and your needs.

For more information, contact the church office and we will put you in touch with Heather Certick.