Sabbatical Contacts

Sabbatical Contacts

January 4th – April 4th

Hello Parish,

I am looking forward to starting my sabbatical tomorrow, despite the distraction of the work needing to be done to repair the Rectory. Please know that that effort is in good hands with our Buildings and Grounds team, headed up by Barry Shurtz and Rob Stepp.

As in the past when I have been away, various volunteers will be handling the day-to-day operation of the church.

The best way to make an inquiry is to email Trish Shurtz is monitoring that email and will reply or forward as appropriate.

Office Hours will remain the same, and if you need something outside those time slots, email the office.

And, for the next few weeks, the same Vestry Liaisons will be able to answer questions; we will update the list when the new Vestry members are elected at the Annual Meeting on January 22nd.

Senior Warden and Christian Education: Summer Green

Junior Warden: Barry Shurtz

Finance: Larry Hoy

Clerk: Trish Shurtz

Parish Life: Laura Pare

Community Outreach: Randy Chilton and Todd Hoida

Membership and Growth: Rob Stepp

Thanks to everyone for supporting my sabbatical, for making our visit Clergy feel welcome and for joining me in this time of Looking Forward. See you all again Maundy Thursday!

~Fr. Brad +